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Kay Rasoletti is the happiest Interior Designer you'll ever meet. She loves every aspect of working with fabrics, textures, color, light, furniture and of course, people.


Kay has the experience to bring your vision to reality and to delight you with fresh ideas. Plus, there is nothing to be nervous about when hiring her, she works at a reasonable hourly rate and sticks to a client's budget.


Ever resourceful and creative, she has been designing beloved interiors for over 13 years. Incorporating her client's favorite items with carefully curated and planned updates, her results are exceptional yet still feel like home.

Take a look at some of Kay's
favorite work.

I have been impressed with Kay's design range over the years from traditional to contemporary ... read more

Residential and commercial interior design, space planning, home staging,

e-design (long distance design projects).


Specializing in traditional /transitional style - Kay designs with a client's everyday life or business in mind. She asks a lot of questions up front about who, how and when the space will be used and if you have any ideas or images you like. She also respects your budget and will bring ideas to your project you may never have thought of.

Get in touch

Interior design questions are welcome.

Locations in Santa Fe and Albuquerque areas. Kay will respond quickly after receiving your contact request.

Kay Crowson Rasoletti   |

Tel 440-666-1544

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