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Downsize? Resize? Upsize? Right-size!

If you are like me and approaching retirement, the question has probably come up as to future living arrangements. Perhaps your home is too large now that kids are long gone. Maybe you have too many levels, and without a major remodel, there is no way to include a first floor master bedroom, bath, and laundry. Then there are financial reasons; perhaps a downsize will free up more of your income for retirement travel or other hobbies.

According to the Washington Post, many retirees are now opting for Rightsizing- which for some means a downsize, but for many means deciding to live where they want in only a slightly smaller space but one that is edited and well laid out for retirement years' needs.

Take the new GenYou floor plans available at 2 Del Webb Florida communities and in the future, available in Webb communities nationwide. These are 1300 to 3000 square foot plans that include sliding doors to covered patios, and space for aging parents or boomerang adult children. With the variety of square foot plans, they address needs for downsizing, upsizing and right sizing.

The takeaway here seems to me that retirement living is becoming highly individual and not the typical move-from-big-house-to small condo model of the past.

I have my own right size journey; after the death of my husband I downsized to a 3300 sq foot home on 3 acres to a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment, then to a 800 square foot 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment on a farm. There was a lot of editing of stuff along the way! I had a garage sale/estate sale and a barn sale. I donated. I threw away. Today a small storage unit and this apartment hold everything I own.

As a designer, this process was not as daunting to me as it might be to others. I practice a lot of editing in my work, and I have the resources for estate sellers, resale shops, and other help.

I have helped an empty nester couple move from their large Colonial to a 2 bedroom condo that I completely redecorated for them. Outside of Chicago, a couple in their 70's wanted to stay in their home, and I helped them restore the kitchen, living, dining, and master bedroom to an updated look. And I helped a retired couple who sold their home to trade to a lifestyle of split time between an urban apartment and a cottage in Maine achieve a totallly different look.

I'd love to help you to right-size!

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